Crystal Photography for Little Joy Jewellery

Recently, Isle of Wight jewellery maker artist, Lauren Griffith launched a new collection: WELL CURATIVE COLLECTIVE in collaboration with an upcoming business, Well Curative.

She makes unique healing crystal pieces into a variety of jewellery designs, which are a helpful aid in balancing chakras.

When worn, the carefully thought out designs place the crystals in significant areas of the body to release tensions and remove any emotional blockages.

We’ve been working with Little Joy Jewellery for over two years now, and we love the challenge of showing off the beauty of her work in our images.

We were commissioned to capture the individual crystals, by showing their individual characters on a white background, so this helps customers pick and choose their crystal and jewellery design.

We utilised macro photography in our studio to deliver a wider variety of product images for her collections.

You can find Little Joy Jewellery’s WELL CURATED COLLECTIVE here.